Highlights of Season 2017-18

East District

Stories and results from earlier in the year will appear here after they are retired from the main news page. Reverse chronological order.

Cowan Cup

Congratulations to Malcolm McCardle and Derrick Peden who won the Cowan Cup (East District Pairs Championship) on the 20th. Runners up were Liz McGowan and David Liggat.

Full results at the Carlton site at this link

Allan Flitch

Congratulations to Peter and Heather Braid, winners of the Allan Flitch Trophy for married couples.


Bronze Pairs

Congratulations to all who did well in the Bronze Challenge pairs at the Carlton at the weekend. Bronze 1 award went to Michael Gray and Sandy Lyon, B2 won by David Nisbet and Ian Thomson, with the highest ranking event taken by David & Gill Simmons (pictured left). Liz McGowan presented the prizes.

See the Bronze Page for more details and photos!

ED National Pairs Semi

Nat Pairs results

The Carlton semi of the National pairs took place on 20th January. 1st were Iain Sime and John Murdoch, followed by Adamson/Sanders, McGowan/Liggat, Bouverie/Home and Anne Symons/Alan Goodman.

District Pairs for the Cowan Cup

Cowan Cup poster

The Cowan Cup takes place at the Carlton on Sunday 11th March at 1pm. Entry is £20 per pair. The top 2 pairs represent the district in the Spence Cup on May 26th which will be held in the South District. Silver and Bronze prizes will be awarded!

McGregor Cup Mixed Pairs

Congratulations to John Hamilton and Fiona Lawson, winners of the McGregor Cup at the New Melville on 24th November 2017.

Rayne Cup

The district’s Rayne Cup qualifier takes place on Weds 1st and Weds 8th November 2017 at the New Melville BC with a 7pm start. The winners over 2 nights will receive the Edinburgh Congress Trophy, while the top 3 teams will represent the East District in the Rayne Cup Final on Saturday 25th November at Dundee Bridge Club.

Entry is £3 per player over and above table money. Enter online via this website, or contact .

Event poster

Atholl Cup Draw

Atholl Cup Draw

Jeff Bond drew the names out of a hat (well bowl) after the finalists and semi-finalists from last year had been placed in opposite halves of the draw. First round to be played by Nov 30th if at all possible.

As we have exactly 16 teams, the winning 8 will proceed to the 2nd round to be played by Jan 14th and the 8 losing teams will enter the Atholl Plate with the losers from Goodman & Fraser match playing the losers from the Home & Leith match and so on down the list of teams. 1st round of Atholl Plate to also be played by Jan 14th if possible.

McGregor Cup Mixed Pairs

Runners up were Iain Sime and Fiona McQuaker.

The Silver prize was won by Alex Sutherland and Anne Young.

The Bronze prize was won by Jane and Andrew Carnegie.

Full results are on the New Melville site.

ED Red Pointed Swiss Pairs

Congratulations to Elizabeth Peckham and Andrew Harborow, winners of the Red Pointed Swiss Pairs event at the Carlton on 19th November 2017.

Runners up were jointly Troy van de l'Isle/ Robert Clow and Joan Forsyth/ Diana Drysdale (pictured).

The Silver prize was won by Neil Macpherson and Linda Delworth.

The Bronze prize was won by Ken Blake and Douglas Buchanan.

Full results are on the Carlton site.

ED Sim Pairs

The East District Sim Pairs event on 6th/7th November was this year scored on eCats (session no. 4929) as a Match Pointed Pairs event. Heats in Berwick, Dunfermline, Carlton, New Melville, Jedburgh, Peebles.

The final results can be seen at this web page so, along with the usual full stats.

The final Top 10 is now confirmed as follows:

Top Dunfermline pair were Jane Carnegie & Gill Simmons (56.73%); top Jedburgh pair were John Miller & Marian Miller (56.72%).

Here is the competition hands booklet.

Edwin Berry Swiss Teams in Edinburgh

The Edwin Berry Swiss Teams at the Carlton was won by Iain Sime, John Matheson, Patrick Home and John Murdoch. Full details.

Dunbar Congress

Winners of the Dunbar Pairs competitions were Nicol Taylor and Robert Dickson.

Winners of the Dunbar Teams competitions were Dilys Gellatly, Kenny Hunter, Kay Robertson and Graham Clarkson.

Individual Tournaments

The Faie Rosebowl has been won by Rose Simpson who becomes the first player since John MacLaren to retain the trophy. Follow the link for the results on the Carlton site.

The Bronze 1 and 2 event was won by Amanda Aberdour. Follow the link for the results on the Carlton site, and visit the Bronze page for photos.

Watson Trophy

Watson results

Congratulations to Harry Smith, Roy Bennett, Sandy Duncan and Bob McPaul, winners of the Watson at the New Melville on 10th September 2017. Sandy first won this trophy 51 years ago.

Runners up (after a tie on 86 — split on the head to head record) were Charles Outred, Vi Outred, David Gerrard & Cathy Gerrard. Third place (78) went to Mike Ash, Liz McGowan, Brian Short and Alan Goodman. 3rd place was determined after a three way tie using Total IMPs.

The bronze prize was won by Anne Young, Norrie O’Neill, Tim Lambert and Robert Thornton (65) (with Fiona Greenwood presenting).

The silver prize was won by Pam Leith, Rona Moss, Sally Douglas and Alan Douglas (64).

Charles may have lost the split tie but he got some lovely pens.

MacLaren Cup Draw

Here is the MacLaren Cup draw

The new league and cup fixtures have being processed in preparation for the new season and are now available on the league page - please double check your own match details against the calendar! Changes can be made without penalty until 29th September. After this the league rules require penalties to be applied for date changes.

Online event registration

You can now register online for any East District event at www.sbu.org.uk/districts/east-district-online-entry

You can also see a list of who has already entered from the same page.

You will need the names and SBU Master Point numbers for all the players in your entry (whether individual, pairs or teams). Also enter any special requirements you may have.

The booking system runs in a self contained area on the SBU web site. Conveners will require a login to the SBU web site to access detailed entrant information for their events.


Date        Home                   Score    Away                Score   Result AMPs
06/06/17    Diamonds Are Forever    5090    Jammy Dodgers        2870    3-0    11
19/06/17    A Bridge Too Far        2770    Jammy Dodgers         280    3-0    17
26/06/17    Elizabethans            1260    Heebie Jeebies       7260    0-3   -17
04/07/17    Elizabethans            4120    All Hands On Deck    4460    0-3    -4
10/07/17    Elizabethans            3980    Diamonds Are Forever 6520    0-3   -11
12/07/17    Jammy Dodgers           3010    All Hands On Deck    4630    0-3   -11
13/07/17    Heebie Jeebies          3630    Diamonds Are Forever 3100    3-0     6
18/07/17    All Hands On Deck       3200    A Bridge Too Far     5860    0-3   -12
20/07/17    Heebie Jeebies          4960    A Bridge Too Far     2910    3-0    12
25/07/17    Jammy Dodgers           4170    Elizabethans         3740    3-0     5
01/08/17    Diamonds Are Forever    5560    A Bridge Too Far     4180    3-0     9
01/08/17    Heebie Jeebies          5720    All Hands On Deck    6330    0-3    -5
14/08/17    Diamonds Are Forever    6650    All Hands On Deck    3210    3-0    13
15/08/17    Heebie Jeebies          7830    Jammy Dodgers        3350    3-0    14
22/08/17    Elizabethans            5860    A Bridge Too Far     5060    3-0


Date        Home                   Score    Away                Score  Result  AMPs
21/06/17    Fife Aces               7670    Hearty Hermits       4530    3-0    10
04/07/17    Hermitage Hibs          7780    Whatsappateers       6150    3-0     8
06/07/17    Whatsappateers          7210    Grange               9330    0-3    -8
11/07/17    Hemitage Hibs           8310    Hearty Hermits       6660    3-0     8
13/07/17    Fife Aces               6840    Grange               7470    0-3    -5
26/07/17    Grange                  6040    Hearty Hermits       4860    3-0     8
02/08/17    Whatsappateers          5710    Fife Aces            8080    0-3   -10
09/08/17    Hermitage Hibs          4840    Grange               4600    3-0     3
16/08/17    Fife Aces               7790    Hermitage Hibs       5160    3-0    10
16/08/17    Hearty Hermits          7700    Whatsappateers       4230    3-0    

NEBA Match

ED won A match — Brian Short & Fiona McQuaker, Iain Sime & John Murdoch, George Plant & Peter Moss, Liz McGowan & Tim McKay

NEBA won B match — the ED team was Veronica Guy & Carolyn Peploe, Reg & Diana Drysdale, David & Denise King, Katharine Bailey & Marina Evans



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