The old No Fear and Next Step grading for new and improving players was replaced by the Bronze system in 2015.

2014-15 Nicola Dean (NS), Fiona McElhinney (NS), Arnott Reid (NF), Heather Reid (NF)
2013-14 Maurice Franceschi (NS), Alistair Rae (NS), Rosemary Fitch (NF), Cecilia Stephens (NF)
2012-13 Christian Boorman (NS), Aileen Brennan (NS), Holli Mast (NF), Stephen Mast (NF)
2011-12 William Johnston (NS), Jean Johnston (NS), Lucy Hammer (NF), Martin Hammer (NF)
2010-11 Jim Herbert (NS), John Soutar (NS), Katherine Dempsie (NF), Jacob Moody (NF)
2009-10 Patricia Gray (NS), Catherine Jordan (NS), Alan Lafferty (NS), Irene Scott (NS), Graeme Scott (NS), Ian Somerville (NS), Alex Sutherland (NF), Donald Sutherland (NF)
2008-09 Kenneth Angus (NS), Marion Angus (NS), Jennifer Cairns (NS), Brian McKenzie (NS), Eva Drummond (NF), Kathleen Marr (NF)
2007-08 Lyn Cronin (NS), Anne Havard (NS), Catherine Jordan (NS), Ian Somerville (NS), Ann Bunker (NF), Lucinda McFarlane (NF)
2006-07 Ethelwyn Coates (NS), Bill Inglis (NS), Sybil King (NS), Sheila Pitcairn (NS), Heather Lickley (NF), Dr Julia Palmer (NF)
2005-06 Sandy Kirkwood (NS), Pamela Kirkwood (NS), Anne Laird (NS), Bob Williams (NS), Brenda Cullen (NF), Irene Scott (NF)
2004-05 Joan Campbell (NS), Lois d'Esterre (NS), Sheila McKay (NS), Janet Robertson (NS), Anne Laird (NF), Bob Williams (NF)
2003-04 Maurice Bonnar (NS), Joan Campbell (NS), Lois d'Esterre (NS), Sandra Merlet (NS), Margaret Anderson (NF), Joyce Hope (NF)
2002-03 Jane Farquharson (NS), Margaret Pollock (NS), Pam Dower (NF), Mike Young (NF)
2001-02 Sandy Kirkwood (NS), Robin Martin (NS), Vicky Brunton (NF), Marald Thomson (NF)
2000-01 L Bain (NS), Frank Robertson (NS), Anne Brookes (NF), Nicole Westaway (NF)

Hall of Fame

1. Joan Campbell209342
Lois d'Esterre212008
Bob Williams212031
Anne Laird212363
Catherine Jordan212406
Ian Somerville212407
Irene Scott212415
Sandy Kirkwood212765
9. Jane Farquharson1
Jean Johnston1
Arnott Reid1
Martin Hammer1
William Johnston1
Lucy Hammer1
Pam Dower1
Nicole Westaway1
John Soutar1
Anne Brookes1
Heather Reid1
Eva Drummond1